Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Help If You Have Been Injured On The Job

It’s bad enough that you got hurt on the job; your lost wages could put you in a huge financial hole. The Workers’ Compensation Act in the State of Oklahoma mandates that any person injured while working on the job is entitled to compensation under the law. The only exception, being an employer who has five or less employees, all of which are related by either blood or marriage to said employer.

There are some workers in the agricultural or horticultural field, licensed real estate brokers, household laborers as well as federal employees who are not covered by the law. Individuals employed by an independent contractor are covered under the law by the independent contractor’s insurance. If for some reason, the contractor does not have insurance, the injured individual may be able to get benefits from the principal employer. Contact one of the seasoned Tulsa workers’ compensation lawyers to see if you are eligible.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Workers Compensation Coverage in Oklahoma – Learn Your Rights if you are Injured on the Job

If for some reason, your employer or does not have coverage, you still may have the right to recover damages for a personal injury which happened while you were employed. This right also extends to the heirs of deceased individuals. If you have been injured on the job or if you lost your spouse to a job related accident, a Tulsa workers’ compensation lawyer can help you obtain what is rightfully yours.

If you are injured while on the job and you are unable to work for more than three calendar days, you can receive weekly benefits equal to 70% of your average weekly wage. The maximum weekly temporary total disability weekly benefits are based on the date of your injury and Oklahoma’s average weekly wage.

If you have been denied a workman’s compensation claim and you have been injured while on the job and unable to work because of that injury, contact a Tulsa lawyer immediately.

Per the law, the maximum a Tulsa workers’ compensation attorney can charge you in a temporary disability case is 10% of the award. In a permanent disability or death case a 20% fee is allowed. All attorney fees are subject to the court’s approval. Direct expenses, to prepare your case for settlement or trial, are not included in the percentages listed above.

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